The Sacred Attractions In Israel

The Church of Navity

The Church of Navity

Most biblical attractions are located in Israel, which is also referred to as the Holy Land. It is in this land that our Lord Jesus Christ was born. The following are some of the most attractive sites related to the holy Bible.

1. The Church of Navity located in Bethlehem is a holy Christian site, which marks the traditional birth of Christ. According to Gospels of Mathew and Luke, Jesus was born in a Manger. Joseph and Mary had freed from Nazareth because King Herod had threatened to kill every first-born boy of the family. The birth place at the center of the church has a big star which marks the exact birth place. Visitors from all corners of the world tour this site to witness and kiss the place Christ was born.

2. Church of the Loaves and Fishes located on the north-western shores of the sea of Galilee is a must visit. The original church was built in BC 350 but it was later reconstructed. This modern Catholic church was built to preserve and mark the traditional stone where the miracle of the five loves and two fish was performed. An altar is built on the stone on which the breads and the two fish were laid. People who tour this site take home small pieces of stone which they believe will bring them prosperity.

3. Bethany in Jerusalem is a Muslim and Christian village located Southeast of Mt. Olive. It is in this village that Lazarus was raised from the dead. The book of John 11:38-44 tells how Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead. The tomb of Lazarus is the major attraction on this site. There is a modern church built near the tomb in the memory of Lazarus. Luke 24:50 says that Jesus ascended to heaven near Bethany.

4. The Last Supper Room in Jerusalem is believed to stand over or near the original place of the last supper. This room is a second-story room built to commemorate the last supper. The Last Supper Room is built over the tomb of David near Mt. Zion. The small church built on Mt. Zion in 130 AD is believed to have been built in this site.

5. Mount Tabor, which is 500 meters high is located near Jezeel valley. According to Mathew 17:1-9, the transfiguration took place on this mountain. Jesus had gone to the mountain for prayers accompanied by John and James. While in the mountain, He was transfigured and His face shone like the sun and the clothes turned white. Moses and Elijah appeared and they begun talking with Jesus. Suddenly, a white cloud from heaven covered them and a voice said,”This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!” there are several churches built on this mountain such as, Church Of The Transfiguration, Church Of St.Elius and Church of St Melchizedek.

6. Nazareth is of great importance to the people of Israel. Jesus spent most of his childhood in Nazareth. There are many religious churches in the city such as, Orthodox Church, Mensa Christ Church, White mosque and the Church of Annunciation. The Nazareth market is another attraction where you can shop and take beautiful things at home.

7. Mount Nebo is another sacred place. It was on this mountain that Moses saw the promised land. It is believed that his grave is on this mountain. Other attractions include Caesarea, Mount Olive, Jaffa Gate and Mary’s Well.