A World Heritage Site in Israel

The walls of the Old City

The walls of the Old City

Acre is one of the most ancient port cities in the world, and its history goes back as far as the Bronze Age. For centuries, the city was overtaken by one dominion and then another, as warriors found it a strategic point of entry from which to conquer the land of Israel. Acre reached the height of its development in the 13th century, when it served as the capital of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. The most impressive remains found in the city date from this period, as well as from the Ottoman era, when Acre served as the major port city of the area. In the 19th century, the prominence of the city of Acre began a steady decline, as Haifa became the major port city in Israel. Continue reading


How to Keep It Safe in Israel

Israel tourism is one of the most extraordinary experiences a person can go through. There’s nothing quite like this magnificent Mediterranean country, a magical mix of religion, nature, nightlife and all the pleasures imaginable in the mind of the modern tourist.

Still, many people find themselves wishing to visit Israel but somewhat fear about their personal safety and security. Well, fear no more! Although Israel is indeed a star in the evening news, visiting Israel is not very different than any other vacation travel.

Crime rates in Israel are much much lower than other countries around the world and the rest is pretty much noise and bad publicity. Israel’s first goal is to protect its citizens and the state security is top-notch, perhaps the best in the world. We all heard the stories about ELAL’s security procedures, making the national Israeli airline to be the safest around the globe, and that’s what Israelis do best – keep things on the safe side.

Of course that all of the above doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take any precautions when traveling, and there are a few pointers to keep in mind, whether you are planning to go by yourself or join an Israel tour. Continue reading

How To Find Cheap Flights to Israel with Wego Indonesia

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Wego Indonesia

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