New Israel, Same As the Old Israel

You diligently study the scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life.
(John 5:39)

Jesus picked up the Pharisees for their determination to examine the scriptures and draw conclusions. They read into God’s condemnation of the Israelite people because of their failure to keep his laws, and so they became extreme law-keepers so as not to draw the same fate.

What they failed to appreciate was that all that had been written in the scriptures had already come to pass. It was all retrospective. Men looked out of the window and saw how things were, and because things were this way they imagined that a God who knows all things must have known things were going to be this way. Not only did he know it, but he said it – or made someone else say it.

The writer of a certain portion of Genesis looked out and saw the peace and prosperity of the nation of Israel under Solomon. It made sense to have God promising Abraham,

“I will indeed bless you, and I will multiply your descendants as the stars of heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore. And your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies, and by your descendants shall all the nations of the earth bless themselves, because you have obeyed my voice.”
(Genesis 22:17,18)Judah and Israel were as many as the sand by the sea; they ate and drank and were happy.
(1 Kings 4:20)

Jeremiah tried to do it in advance and came unstuck. God cannot be second-guessed, The Bible is not a book that foretells the future. Eventually, like others, Jeremiah could only look out of the window and arrive at conclusions based on what he saw. When some of the population ended up in Egypt, history was revised to have God warning that if Israel did not keep the Law Covenant they would end up back in Egypt. We are here, so God must have warned that we would be here.

Christianity = Israel 2.0
New Israel carried on the tradition of old Israel. They saw the condition of the nation at the hands of the Roman empire. God must have known, and into the mouth of Jesus they installed the prophecy of Jerusalem’s downfall. Once a full-stop was put at the end of the written word it became popular to examine it to see what was going to happen. They scoured the scriptures and applied them to their Messiah. Both ends of his life were shrouded in mystery – plenty of opportunity to attach verses of scripture and build a mythology with words which had already once had an application.

When Paul likened Christians to Israel, finding an application of circumcision being that of the heart, so that by this means, “All Israel must be saved…” he was falling into the same trap.

Jesus knew that salvation did not come from examining the scriptures. It came from self-examination. Every meaningful thing Jesus said involved self-examination. It was said with the aim of turning people inward, because only if they turned inward would people have any hope of being of any real use to themselves or anyone else.

  • “If you do not forgive men their sins, you Father will not forgive your sins.”
  • “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgement you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get.”
  • “You lack one thing; go, sell what you have, and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.”
  • “If you were blind, you would have no guilt; but now that you say, ‘We see,’ your guilt remains.”

Jesus knew that the way back to God lay not in rehashing the old – new wine in old wine-skins – but in ripping up the old and throwing it away.


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Visiting Israel

Israel Geography

Geologically, Israel is an extension of the Sinai Desert, making a coarse triangle with its stand in the north next to Beersheba, the Dead Sea, and the southern Judean Hills, and it has its apex in the southern tip of the kingdom at Eilat. The country’s geographical boundaries are the Mediterranean to the West, the Jordan Valley Rift to the East, the mountains of Lebanon to the North with Eilat Bay marking the country’s southern tip. It is a urbanized country has diverse climatic and geographic environment.

Israel is located Middle East, neighboring the Mediterranean Sea, amid Egypt and Lebanon The ground of Israel is divided into four broad parts: coastal plain–fertile, wet, and generously populated–stretches all along Mediterranean Sea; inside highlands as well as Hills of Galilee in north with country’s maximum altitude. The land of Israel encompasses the Negev desert in the south; low coastal natural; inner mountains; Jordan Rift Valley. continental shelf. Climate: temperate; warm and dry in southern and eastern desert areas Terrain: Negev desert in the south; low coastal plain; central mountains; Jordan Rift Valley Elevation extremes: lowest point: Dead Sea -408 m. Climate: temperate; hot and dry in southern and eastern desert areas Terrain: Negev desert in the south; low coastal plain; central mountains; Jordan Rift Valley Elevation extremes:.


Israel’s varied culture stems from the diversity of the inhabitants: Jews from around the world have brought their cultural and sacred traditions with them, creating a melting pot of Jewish customs and beliefs. Israel is the only country in the world where life revolves around or moves around the Hebrew calendar. Work and school holidays are determined by the Jewish holidays, and the official day of rest is Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. Israel’s substantial Arab minority has also left its imprint on Israeli culture in such spheres as buildings, music, and cookery.

Israel Religion

Israel is a mainly religious culture and religious customs should be respected. Licentious behavior is not tolerated and offenders will be arrested and fined heavily or imprisoned. Care should be taken not to photograph any armed forces or police personnel or installations, and visitors should be unobtrusive about taking pictures in Jewish Orthodox places and of Jewish Orthodox people. It is advisable to carry official identification at all times.

Greatest way to go in Israel will be to have your own travel guide in Israel. If you are on a Pilgrimage to Israel, you will most likely wish a joining a group led by a spiritual guide. If your holiday in Israel is just a relaxing holiday you would possibly prefer a hotel in Eilat on the shores of the Red Sea or perhaps spend a few days in a Dead Sea hotel or in Tel Aviv on the seashore of the Mediterranean sea. Remaining in the Northern part of Israel, in the Galilee reveals to you the green part of Israel.

Israel History

Confirmation of a Jewish existence in Israel goes back over 3,000 years, to the creation of the religion and nation. The term “Jews” comes from the origin in the Kingdom of Judah, an area from which the Jewish community have been constantly dispersed and repopulated over their chronicle. The Jewish Temple in Jerusalem became the only religious construction in the Roman Empire which did not contain an representation of the emperor.

Israel was born as a one-sided promise to one man, Abraham. Israel is a young country that has been obstinate by local dispute from its very early development. Israel is a parliamentary democracy, separated into six administrative districts. Israel also has a structure of national institutions, which are not part of the administration but serve alongside. The State of Israel (Medinat Yisrael) was recognized on May 14, 1948 after almost two thousand years of Jewish spreading, and after 55 years of efforts to create a Jewish fatherland. Israel’s democracy has survived under complicated circumstances and the country has prospered in spite of conflict, ethno-religious dispute, boycotts, mass migration and terror assaults. Given that the creation of the Jewish country, the percentage of the world’s Jews in Israel has grown; at present-day, about 40% of the world’s Jewish inhabitants are Israeli residents.

Guide for finding the best Israeli Food



Israeli food is something that is hard to define because of the large mix of cultures which are squashed into this small country. As a visitor, you may be surprised at the range of different types of food on offer in Israeli restaurants. On the other hand, what Israelis eat in their own homes is generally dictated by their family’s origin or religious beliefs. The subject is endless so, for the sake of brevity, this article deals with what you shouldn’t miss on a trip to Israel if you want a “taste” of the food culture.

Starting with the most important meal of the day, what is an Israeli breakfast? Israelis love to eat, and because of the warm, dry climate most of the year, the place to do it is outside – most restaurant and coffee shops have some tables outside and on Friday mornings (when most businesses are closed) the pavement cafes are packed with friends, families and couples enjoying breakfast. A typical menu is eggs cooked anyway you want but generally omelette with a choice of fillings, a variety of cheeses and spreads, fresh bread or rolls and a vegetable salad. This, washed down with fruit juice — often freshly-squeezed orange juice, but on a hot day lemon and mint is very refreshing — and coffee or tea to finish.

In hotels and guest houses there is a buffet breakfast including all of the above and more – the sky’s the limit! In addition, you will find cereals, granola, yogurt, fruit and a selection of sweet and savoury baked goods according to the chef’s creative imagination. Usually there are pancakes, cheesecake or other cakes, croissants and Danish pastries. Continue reading

VIP Israel Tour

Israel is known as a holy land which is sacred to all the religions. What many people aren’t aware of, is that beyond the fact that Israel is a holy country – it is also a beautiful country, filled with sultry people, delicious foods and amazing landscapes.

An Israel VIP tour can allow its tourists to learn just that during the visit to the holy country.

During the Israel VIP tour you will be exposed to all the beautiful places in Israel as well as to all the historical monuments and holy locations.

Tours to Israel assembles everything you must learn and experience while visiting the country in one fulfilling trip. Continue reading

Luxury Israel – Travel Israel Tours With Luxurious Style

This perfect platform was planned for those who are inquiring for a deep view of the Israeli civilization. For quite a long period of time, adventurers and pilgrims likewise experienced clustering to this dry land in quest of venture, chance, and sacred fulfillment. The dwellers of this haven possess socialistic brands, applying old traditions and day-to-day rites that have brooked by the ages, serving up as a testament to their resilience and devotedness. Our advisable platforms centers on the ethical and lifelike drives that bear regulated Israel’s embattled yet captivating chronicle and geographies.

By traveling to the Diaspora Museum, certainly, in some ways will acquaint you with this prosperous metropolis. Set off for Tiberias, checking on the way from among luxury Israel’s first archeological places in Caesarea and the unchanged urban center of Akko and the interface metropolis of Haifa. From your post about the cambers of the Sea of Galilee in Tiberias, sojourn remarkable places suchlike superior Galilee, Golan Heights, Nazareth, and Capernaum. From Tiberias, forefront to Jerusalem to tour the ancient metropolis, the Final Solution Museum, and the mount up of Olives. The incoming point makes up the renowned Dead Sea, that’s so overloaded with saltiness that bathers will be harbored aloft on it. Jabbing just about the potholes where the Dead Sea gyres which were grooved and imparted and then ingest a boost to the summit of Masada along the direction to Eilat. You’ll be able to spend three nighttimes in Eilat, where you can drop more daylight loosening up and, whenever you prefer to convey an elective daytime slip into the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to travel to the known downfalls at Petra. Continue reading