Rethink Your Travel Insurance in a Current Financial Climate

As Christmas is coming and you might be planning to jet off on holiday it is absolutely vital to rethink your insurance needs.

It is a must to get a travel insurance policy before leaving for a vacation, especially in the nowadays financial climate.

Today it is a common risk for travel operators to go out of business with no notice so your insurance policy will protect you and should outline your non-refundable expenses to be covered so that you could get to your destination.

Flight delays, cancellations and limitations won’t only make you feel upset but can lead to serious financial losses because your schedule won’t go as planned.

Medical expenses due to illness or accident taking place more often in the winter season or while you go in for extreme sports such as skiing and snowboarding should also be a subject for a cover under your travel insurance.

As the Foreign and Commonwealth Office reported last month over one-third of travelers didn’t have sufficient cover for their winter sports vacation before they could return home.

We advise our customers to take insurance, including cover for cancellation and all activities you plan to take part in, at the time of booking.

Here is a short check-list to ease your choice while arranging the cover:

  • Cover for a range of winter sports activities including skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and more.
  • Winter sports equipment, piste and avalanche closure.
  • Emergency medical repatriation.
  • Personal accident common for extreme winter sports.
  • Personal liability to protect you against claims of someone who is injured or whose property is damaged by you or something belonging to you.
  • 24-hour worldwide assistance.

Merry Christmas a Very Happy Healthy New Year!