Vacation Rentals in Israel

Vacation Rentals in Israel

Vacation Rentals in Israel

Hotels vs Vacation Rentals

If you budget is limited, you should know that hotels in Israel are quite expansive, specially in the great cities with most attractions like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Eilat. The innkeeper and the hotel industry in general are aware that those cities are vital for the economy and one consequence is that the rates just rise and rise, since there is not real alternative options for the tourist from abroad. Therefore, people are already ready to spend their money in hotels booking, ignoring other solutions. And as a matter of fact, the situation is even worse if you plan your vacation for the summer: you can easily spend hundreds of dollars per night and per room, and what is more the hotel is not a five stars Deluxe… But touristic guides and travel agencies rarely present other options regarding the sleeping arrangements and in return tourists and travelers tend to go for the most “certain”.

Another alternative is arising and becomes more and more popular among tourists visiting Israel: vacation rentals in apartments to rent belonging to private individual. In general those apartments are available for a short/mid-term, and the first advantage is that they are all-furnished, clean and maintained.

Secondly, unlike hotels, you can really choose the location and avoid the noisy and crowded areas if you don’t like it much. In general, hotels are located in very touristic areas, and sometimes those places are not the best regarding the attractions, landscapes or other features that make a place unique. And if the hotel is in special surroundings, then its rates are accordingly high.

On the contrary, choosing a vacation rental allows you the free choice of the place. People who want to feel “inside”, to blend within the city and its inhabitants, this is the alternative. It is another style of visiting a place, another approach, but much more authentic. Maybe you won’t find a Jacuzzi in your room, yet the prices are lower that’s for sure. And it still provides a great comfort of an apartment and the privacy of its own.

How to find vacation rentals?

Since the deals are made between private individuals, you may not find rentals thru a travel agency, but instead on Internet. There are an increasing amount of websites dealing with this market, and their use is very simple and efficient. No commission, and no troubles with the booking, this system is much easier.

You can find those websites both in Search engine and in directories specialized in Tourism, or Vacation in Israel, and even in general directories under different entries. An alternative option also is to look for these kind of deals in Jewish communality websites. They generally feature directories with general topics and list websites connected to Israel tourism and touristic facilities. Once you have found a good site, just fill the forms and you will have to select an apartment of your choice and then contact the owners/tenants. Much easier and handily designed to help people who want to save money.


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