Why is Israel So Special?

How can a country smaller than Vermont, with a population of less than 10 million people, demand so much of the worlds attention? Every president during my lifetime has committed great amounts of energy to find peace in the Middle East, but only find frustration. There is much more to Israel than headlines.

The battle over the land of Israel or Palestine is nothing new. The entire Old Testament in the Bible is mainly about the land. God promised the land to Abraham, called Moses to lead the people to the land, and had King David establish Jerusalem as the capital of the nation and Jewish religion.

Israel’s history turned really sour when King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (Iraq today) captured the country and enslaved it’s citizens. Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the beautiful Temple of God that King Solomon had built. This all happened over 2,500 years ago! I find it interesting that after the Persians (Iran today) had taken over Babylon, King Cyrus allowed the Jewish people to have their land back and rebuild their temple. the book of Ezra tells this story.

Have you ever heard of Jesus? Yeah, he was a Jew. After that little story of his death, burial, and resurrection the Jewish nation was destroyed and scattered the final time by the Romans. For 2000 years the Jewish race survived without a national home. Throughout their history their enemies have done everything they can to kill them all. Remember Hitler? So Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current President of Iran, is not the first to call for the complete destruction of Israel.

The Old Testament foretold of the scattering of Israel and the ultimate return to the land in Ezekiel 37-39. On May 14, 1948 this prophecy was fulfilled, with the blessing of the United Nations, Israel declared their independence and ownership of the land. The Palestinians and other Arabs have battled them to this day.

Politically, Israel is our greatest ally. They have a democratic form of government and a free market economy.

The Bible has another prophecy about this area of the world – there will never be peace until Jesus returns. The last battle Armageddon will be fought there. This all makes Helen Thomas and her comments seem a little small. Feel free to deny all this Bible stuff, but it is all pretty amazing.

George W Bush was the first president to suggest the two state solution for Israel and Palestine. This may happen some day but it will never solve the problem. The Arab world is determined to destroy Israel, regardless of any political solutions.

There are 25 Arab countries with their distinct religion and race. There is one small Jewish country with their own religion and race. Forget the religion thing, it seems logical that American would continue to support Israel.

Both the Christian and Islamic religions were birthed out of the Jewish faith. Christians are instructed to love their enemies and try to save all people. Muslims are instructed to kill their enemies. Makes one wonder why liberals are more supportive of Arab position.

I think I want to stay on Israel’s side.


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