Vacation Rentals in Israel

Vacation Rentals in Israel

Vacation Rentals in Israel

Hotels vs Vacation Rentals

If you budget is limited, you should know that hotels in Israel are quite expansive, specially in the great cities with most attractions like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Eilat. The innkeeper and the hotel industry in general are aware that those cities are vital for the economy and one consequence is that the rates just rise and rise, since there is not real alternative options for the tourist from abroad. Therefore, people are already ready to spend their money in hotels booking, ignoring other solutions. And as a matter of fact, the situation is even worse if you plan your vacation for the summer: you can easily spend hundreds of dollars per night and per room, and what is more the hotel is not a five stars Deluxe… But touristic guides and travel agencies rarely present other options regarding the sleeping arrangements and in return tourists and travelers tend to go for the most “certain”.

Another alternative is arising and becomes more and more popular among tourists visiting Israel: vacation rentals in apartments to rent belonging to private individual. In general those apartments are available for a short/mid-term, and the first advantage is that they are all-furnished, clean and maintained.

Secondly, unlike hotels, you can really choose the location and avoid the noisy and crowded areas if you don’t like it much. In general, hotels are located in very touristic areas, and sometimes those places are not the best regarding the attractions, landscapes or other features that make a place unique. And if the hotel is in special surroundings, then its rates are accordingly high.

On the contrary, choosing a vacation rental allows you the free choice of the place. People who want to feel “inside”, to blend within the city and its inhabitants, this is the alternative. It is another style of visiting a place, another approach, but much more authentic. Maybe you won’t find a Jacuzzi in your room, yet the prices are lower that’s for sure. And it still provides a great comfort of an apartment and the privacy of its own.

How to find vacation rentals?

Since the deals are made between private individuals, you may not find rentals thru a travel agency, but instead on Internet. There are an increasing amount of websites dealing with this market, and their use is very simple and efficient. No commission, and no troubles with the booking, this system is much easier.

You can find those websites both in Search engine and in directories specialized in Tourism, or Vacation in Israel, and even in general directories under different entries. An alternative option also is to look for these kind of deals in Jewish communality websites. They generally feature directories with general topics and list websites connected to Israel tourism and touristic facilities. Once you have found a good site, just fill the forms and you will have to select an apartment of your choice and then contact the owners/tenants. Much easier and handily designed to help people who want to save money.


Touring Israel

Unfortunately a substantial number of people would not consider Israel as a tourism destination. Unlike many others, that returns to Israel after having a very successful first visit. Form the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 until today around 60 millions tourists visited Israel. From the establishment of the stat of Israel until today 1652 people where killed by a violent act of terrorism. It means that the chance of getting killed in a terror attack in Israel is 0.002753 %. That percentage does not include the Israeli population that is a main factor, when adding up this number you have even smaller chance to get hurt. The number of 1652 people includes mainly Israeli citizens, so if we take out the number of Israeli citizens of the equation, we are now taking about Israel being the safest country in the world to travel!

Due to Israel’s misfortunate experience in terrorism, Israel became a leading country in the world in fighting terrorism. Israeli doctrines of fighting terrorism are been taught all over the world.
Unfortunately due to the circumstances Israel has a lot of experience in preventing terror attacks. Israel police is spread all around the center of the towns and Israeli police personal are well trained in preventing danger. Add to that the Israeli intelligence forces that consider being the best in the world. No doubt that when you are traveling Israel you can consider yourself in good hands Continue reading

How to Keep It Safe in Israel

Israel tourism is one of the most extraordinary experiences a person can go through. There’s nothing quite like this magnificent Mediterranean country, a magical mix of religion, nature, nightlife and all the pleasures imaginable in the mind of the modern tourist.

Still, many people find themselves wishing to visit Israel but somewhat fear about their personal safety and security. Well, fear no more! Although Israel is indeed a star in the evening news, visiting Israel is not very different than any other vacation travel.

Crime rates in Israel are much much lower than other countries around the world and the rest is pretty much noise and bad publicity. Israel’s first goal is to protect its citizens and the state security is top-notch, perhaps the best in the world. We all heard the stories about ELAL’s security procedures, making the national Israeli airline to be the safest around the globe, and that’s what Israelis do best – keep things on the safe side.

Of course that all of the above doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take any precautions when traveling, and there are a few pointers to keep in mind, whether you are planning to go by yourself or join an Israel tour. Continue reading

The Sacred Attractions In Israel

The Church of Navity

The Church of Navity

Most biblical attractions are located in Israel, which is also referred to as the Holy Land. It is in this land that our Lord Jesus Christ was born. The following are some of the most attractive sites related to the holy Bible.

1. The Church of Navity located in Bethlehem is a holy Christian site, which marks the traditional birth of Christ. According to Gospels of Mathew and Luke, Jesus was born in a Manger. Joseph and Mary had freed from Nazareth because King Herod had threatened to kill every first-born boy of the family. The birth place at the center of the church has a big star which marks the exact birth place. Visitors from all corners of the world tour this site to witness and kiss the place Christ was born.

2. Church of the Loaves and Fishes located on the north-western shores of the sea of Galilee is a must visit. The original church was built in BC 350 but it was later reconstructed. This modern Catholic church was built to preserve and mark the traditional stone where the miracle of the five loves and two fish was performed. An altar is built on the stone on which the breads and the two fish were laid. People who tour this site take home small pieces of stone which they believe will bring them prosperity.

3. Bethany in Jerusalem is a Muslim and Christian village located Southeast of Mt. Olive. It is in this village that Lazarus was raised from the dead. The book of John 11:38-44 tells how Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead. The tomb of Lazarus is the major attraction on this site. There is a modern church built near the tomb in the memory of Lazarus. Luke 24:50 says that Jesus ascended to heaven near Bethany.

4. The Last Supper Room in Jerusalem is believed to stand over or near the original place of the last supper. This room is a second-story room built to commemorate the last supper. The Last Supper Room is built over the tomb of David near Mt. Zion. The small church built on Mt. Zion in 130 AD is believed to have been built in this site.

5. Mount Tabor, which is 500 meters high is located near Jezeel valley. According to Mathew 17:1-9, the transfiguration took place on this mountain. Jesus had gone to the mountain for prayers accompanied by John and James. While in the mountain, He was transfigured and His face shone like the sun and the clothes turned white. Moses and Elijah appeared and they begun talking with Jesus. Suddenly, a white cloud from heaven covered them and a voice said,”This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!” there are several churches built on this mountain such as, Church Of The Transfiguration, Church Of St.Elius and Church of St Melchizedek.

6. Nazareth is of great importance to the people of Israel. Jesus spent most of his childhood in Nazareth. There are many religious churches in the city such as, Orthodox Church, Mensa Christ Church, White mosque and the Church of Annunciation. The Nazareth market is another attraction where you can shop and take beautiful things at home.

7. Mount Nebo is another sacred place. It was on this mountain that Moses saw the promised land. It is believed that his grave is on this mountain. Other attractions include Caesarea, Mount Olive, Jaffa Gate and Mary’s Well.

How To Find Cheap Flights to Israel with Wego Indonesia

Planning you trip to the Holy Land in the near future? Then you might want to start looking for cheap flights to Israel for your trip. By saving on your flights, you can use the extra money for other needs.

It use to be tricky to find best prices on flights and hotels. But recently Wego launch their Indonesian version of their site to help Indonesian to travel better.

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Wego Indonesia

Wego Indonesia

Here’s what you need to do

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Wego Indonesia is the right place to plan your trip to the Holy Land.


Why is Israel So Special?

How can a country smaller than Vermont, with a population of less than 10 million people, demand so much of the worlds attention? Every president during my lifetime has committed great amounts of energy to find peace in the Middle East, but only find frustration. There is much more to Israel than headlines.

The battle over the land of Israel or Palestine is nothing new. The entire Old Testament in the Bible is mainly about the land. God promised the land to Abraham, called Moses to lead the people to the land, and had King David establish Jerusalem as the capital of the nation and Jewish religion.

Israel’s history turned really sour when King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (Iraq today) captured the country and enslaved it’s citizens. Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the beautiful Temple of God that King Solomon had built. This all happened over 2,500 years ago! I find it interesting that after the Persians (Iran today) had taken over Babylon, King Cyrus allowed the Jewish people to have their land back and rebuild their temple. the book of Ezra tells this story. Continue reading

Choosing The Right Hotel In Israel

Hotel In Israel

Hotel In Israel

Choosing the right hotel is always difficult. Every traveler has different needs when searching for hotel, and each one wishes to find the best hotel there is, for the lowest price, the best views and comfortable accommodations. Here are some tips that will help you to make the right choice planning vacation in Israel or elsewhere.

Ask yourself what your main preferences and the most important features your hotel should have. What is your primal concern? Is it the lowest price, the most beautiful view, big pool or something else? Deciding about your priorities will help you to find hotel that suits your needs in the best possible way.

Each city has its own special sites. Choose the hotel, which is located near the places you want to visit. Tel-Aviv hotels near the shore and main promenade, Jerusalem hotels – near the important archaeological and religious sites, Eilat hotels near the coral reserves et cetera.

Ask other people who visited the area, and you’ll probably get detailed information regarding the weather, the services and the accommodations. Ask specific questions, which will help you to make the decision, based on your special preferences.

Check out traveler reviews, which give descriptions of hotel services. When booking, make sure you have answers to the requests you make regarding the hotel, its surroundings and your special preferences.

All these will help you to find the hotel you are looking for.
Have a pleasant vacation in the holy land!